Voice communications as simple as 1 2 3...

  • 1 Record

    Express your unique emotions

  • 2 Send

    Send message on a single click

  • 3 Listen

    Enjoy a high quality of sound

Short Voice Messaging Service

designed for on-line recording and voice messages exchange

  • Private Voice Box

    SVMS provides a facility for private communications with your family, friends, students, teachers, colleagues, customers and other people. No spam when strict policy applied: only members of your address book can reply to your messages or initiate new conversation with you. Voice box is accessible all around the globe.

  • Voice Board audio micro blogging

    Voice Board is a public area of SVMS. Lead discussions; publish news, thoughts, notes, announcements, stories, interviews and more on the Voice Board by simply pushing a button. Enjoy convenient search and filtering functionality. Please see our terms of service for the information about allowed content.

  • Mobile support

    You can use your favourite "email to mobile" or "sms from pc" third party service to deliver message link to the recipient's handset. Message can be listened to from any mobile device with aac/m4a support. Native full-featured applications for mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Nokia S40/S60, Windows Phone) are under development.

  • Publish anywhere

    Ability to publish message on any popular site: generate a link to your message (by pushing the "Share" button) and insert link into your post. Anyone of your audience can listen to published messages.

  • Multiplatform

    SVMS will work for users of Windows, Mac, Linux and other Operation Systems with Adobe Air / Flash Player support. We are expanding our services even further and working on support of different mobile platforms.

  • Archive

    Store your favourite messages on your computer locally using the Voice Messenger Air application – archive size limited only by your disk space. More functionality and features are coming soon.

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