Top Stories

All news around the world in brief.
Read latest news headlines on 25 topics.
Updates few times per day.
Easy switch between news topics.
Create your own favorite list of news topics.
Data provided by The New York Times.

Work Book

Create simple Spread Sheet using your voice.
Export it as CSV document and receive via email.
Change document name.
Update existing document and re-export.
Clone (copy) document structure from existing documents.
Compatible with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Sound Drive

Easily create your personal playlists, which suite your mood, on your Google Drive and enjoy your favorite music, books and podcasts.
Create unlimited playlists (Free account limited to 5 playlists per category (music, books, podcasts) with 10 tracks per playlist).
Link unlimited Echo devices to the same account to share your playlists across your family.

More to come

We are thinking of something else... to surprise you. Keep watching after updates!