Easy Task for
Google Assistant

Voice Assistant integration for Google Tasks.
Improved way to navigate and manage tasks.

An easier way of working with your Google tasks

Integration with Google Assistant makes task creation, viewing, navigation and management easy.

Now it is possible to find all your due tasks for any day, search for any tasks (excluding completed tasks), change priority for a selected task (high or normal) or change due date for selected task. 

Additional benefits for devices with screen:

* all your tasks in a single view.
* easily navigate between your tasks and task lists. 
* create re-usable lists (for example checklists for shopping and etc). 
* View your completed tasks. 

How To use Easy Task

Create new task:

- add a task 

Get all your due tasks for any day:

- tell me about Monday

- what I'm doing on 22 August?

- tell me about tomorrow

Search for any tasks (excluding completed tasks):

- search for 'presentation'

- give me 'invoice'

- look for 'meeting'

Change priority for a selected task (high or normal):

- high priority

- important

- normal priority

Change due date for selected task:

- move to Monday

- set for today

- change to 22 August

All your tasks in a single view (on devices with screen):

- overdue

- due today

- due tomorrow

- coming due

- tasks without a due date

- completed tasks (with ability undo complete or delete).

Navigate with ease between your tasks and tasklists (on devices with screen).

Create re-usable lists, aka checklists for shopping and other things (on devices with screen).

View of your completed tasks (on devices with screen):

- undo completed tasks

- delete completed tasks