General Questions

  • Sign Up / Login
  • Add contacts to your address book. You can also import contacts from your email in CSV format. A contact can be any valid email address including such as +123456789@email2mobile.addresses.
  • Record your message using your browser or your tablet/mobile application (a microphone required).
  • Send your message to one or more members of your address book. Message sent to the service subscriber will be delivered directly into his/her inbox. All other recipients will receive a link to the message via email. You can also share a link to your message on any popular sites or use your favourite "email to mobile" or "sms from PC" third party services to deliver link to the recipient's handset. Message can be heard from any mobile device with mp3/m4a support.
  • Listen to replies.

There are two options to choose from:

  • Allow anyone send messages to you. Please enable the "Unlock Inbox" option on your account settings page.
  • Allow only members of your address book to send messages to you (strict policy). Please disable the "Unlock Inbox" option on your account settings page. In this case a "guest" user will be asked to provide an email address.

We do not share this information with any third party and we do not use this information for any purposes other than message delivery and validation of permits on recording.

It is not necessary to have a subscription. Without subscription you can:

  • Reply to messages by following a link shared on any websites or a link received via email.
  • Initiate conversations by using a link to the voice box (this link provided by voice box owner).
  • Participate in collaborations.
  • Listen to podcasts.
  • Listen to received messages on your mobile device.

All users with PRO account are able to integrate SVMS service into their websites or blogs. There are 3 types of widgets available:

  • Feedback widget: receive customers' feedback directly from your site. Instant email notifications on your mobile.
  • Collaboration widget: transform your website into a collaboration application. No registration required for your participants. Password protected. Automatic email notifications.
  • Podcast widget: 'collaboration' in a podcast mode. There is no reply option. Password protected and public.
  • Export your Free Podcast as RSS. Share the RSS link. Public access for everyone.

The SVMS service uses your personal Dropbox account. Why?

  • It is awesome .
  • It is simple.
  • It is reliable.
  • It is available almost everywhere, including your mobile phone.
  • It gives you stuff for free .
  • SVMS integrated with Dropbox, so you have full control on your audio files. We do not limit number of messages you can store, just don't forget to look after space on Dropbox..

These are some real-world examples:

  • Language learning tool. Now even better with collaborations support.
  • General learning tool. Now even better with collaborations support.
  • Dictation tool.
  • Voice micro blogging.
  • Podcasting.
  • Discussion boards.
  • Voice mail.
  • Easy and fun to use.
  • Just works on many operational systems, including mobile devices.
  • Solid voice communication platform. Not just a voice mail.
  • Robust engine for your website.
  • It brings you more business opportunities.
  • It is FREE.

Create password protected collaborations with our Widgets and:

  • Sell your podcasts.
  • Create Online Courses for eLearning, organise Schools in the Clouds.
  • Make Mobile Education easy for everyone with microlectures and microlearning.

Help me! Questions

  • Make sure that you provided a valid email address. Please check the spelling before creating account.
  • Please check the spam folder. If it is there then mark the email as "not spam".
  • Your organisation may have 'Blocked Senders Policies' implemented. Please contact us for more details.

This is the how the registration process works:

  • Sign up to the SVMS service.
  • Receive the verification link from us via email.
  • Follow the link which validates your email AND immediately sends you to the Dropbox secure website.
  • Make sure you provided credentials for creating a new Dropbox account or for your existing account by your choice. (Please note, that we will have no information about your credentials. SVMS service will only use secure token which can be revoked by you at any time.)
  • Dropbox will validate your credentials and ask you to authorize the SVMS service to use a single folder (SVMS). Please allow the SVMS service to do so (so it can store audio files in the SVMS folder).
  • After these steps completed, Dropbox will redirect you back to the website.
  • Now please use the temporal password from the signup confirmation email.
  • SVMS service will ask you to change that temporal password right after the first successful login attempt.

Please note: if you did not complete the integration process between SVMS and Dropbox, your SVMS account will not be activated.

It could be a couple of reasons why it is happening:

  • Your Dropbox storage limit exceeded. Please check your email. We will send you a notification if that was the case.
  • In very rare case your message might be corrupted during a transfer.
  • Message was removed from your Dropbox. If you remove the recorded message directly from your Dropbox account, you will not be able to play it anymore.

Note: if you run out of space on your Dropbox account, you can upgrade your account to get more space. Dropbox also provides you with a few ways to earn a FREE space. Just ask Google

Your recipient has a "locked" Inbox and your email address is not in the recipient's address book.

Contacts. The SVMS service has a "white list" policy regarding the contacts. It is a bit opposite to the well known "black list" when you got the spam first and then you decide whether you want to keep receiving it or not.

How the 'white list' policy works in the SVMS:

  • If your contact has the SVMS account then message will be delivered into his/her SVMS Inbox and notification with link to this message might be sent to him via email (please see next paragraph for details). Otherwise, link to your message will be sent directly to the recipient's email address.
  • If you have the SVMS account and want to be notified about new incoming messages then you have to select the "Notify me via email when a new message arrives" option on the "My Account" tab. Please click the Save button, once you have done this.
  • If you have the SVMS account and want to be notified about new incoming messages then you have to tick the "Notify me via email when a new message arrives" on the My Account tab. Please click the Save button, once you have done this.
  • You can ask other people (who already registered in SVMS) to add you into their contact list. To do this, go to Contacts and click "Find contact on SVMS" button. Then you can provide either email address of a person you are looking for or a nick name. Please type a short message and click on "Send request" button. Your request will appear on that person's "Contact request notifications" tab. If your request accepted, you will be automatically added to their contact list.