Quick Sheets for Amazon Alexa

Make simple SQL-like queries to Google spreadsheets and CSV files on your Google Drive.

Simple way to get ad-hoc selection from the CSV or Google Spreadsheets documents.

With Quick Sheets skill for Alexa you can do simple SQL-like selection from a CSV or Google Spreadsheets document using your voice. 

It is very easy to integrate skill with existing corporate solutions.

Only you are in control of your documents, so you can effectively use Quick Sheets  as a private skill.

How To use Quick Sheets

1. Login to your Google account and open your Google Drive.

2. Create a folder with the name Quick Sheets on your Google Drive (e.g. My Drive > Quick Sheets) 

3. Create Google spreadsheets or CSV files and copy them to the Quick Sheets folder. 

*** Please note that MS Excel files (.xls, .xlsx) are not compatible with the Quick Sheets ***

4. The structure of the spreadsheets and CSV files must follow the following conventions: 

- first row in the document must contains columns names

- the second and following rows must represent the data

- the data structure should be flat (e.g. no pivot tables)

Example of a CSV file (Students.csv):



Maria,maria@live.com,83,Art,Drama Club


5. Use SQL like queries to find data in Google Spreadsheets and CSV documents:

* SELECT name AND email WHERE ...

* FIND all WHERE ...

Please note that maximum 2 column names in the WHERE statement:

Examples of supported queries:

SELECT all WHERE email IS gmail (or alternatively: FIND everything WHERE email IS gmail)

GIVE ME email AND score WHERE name IS john (FIND email AND score WHERE name IS john)


SELECT AVERAGE score WHERE major IS math (FIND AVG score WHERE major IS math)

SELECT SUM score WHERE major IS math (GIME ME TOTAL score WHERE major IS math)

SELECT TOP 3 name BY score (FIND TOP 3 name by score)

SELECT LOWEST 3 name BY score (GIVE ME LOWEST 3 name BY score)


- Maximum columns in the SELECT statement - 2 or you can use the key word 'all' (or 'everything') instead of column names.

Q: FIND all WHERE major IS Math AND activity IS basketball 

Q: GIVE ME name AND score WHERE major IS Art AND activity IS drama 

- Selects by date are not supported 

- Selects with expressions > (greater than), >= (greater than or equal), < (less than), <= (less than or equal) are not supported.

- It is better to open the document first and then work with queries:

Q: Alexa, ask Quick Sheets to open Students 
A: Great, opening Students. You can search by Name, Email, Score, Major and Activity. What would you like? 

Q: Find top 1 name by score 
A: Alex: 84 

Simple tips to get more out of the Quick Sheets skill

Voice Recognition technology is still not perfect, so, some times Alexa might have difficulties in understanding your input. You can do next simple things to improve voice input accuracy:

- Use  simpler column names. 

- You can try to spell a words if aked several times to repeate input, for example you can spell word "M A T H". We provided this as a last resort option, as it is not really easy to spell all input.