Top Stories for Amazon Alexa

All news around the world in brief.
Read latest news headlines on 25 topics.
Updates few times per day.
Easy switch between news topics.
Create your own favorite list of news topics.
Data provided by The New York Times.

Use Top Stories skill to know what is going on.

With Work Books skill for Alexa you can create simple Spread Sheet using your voice, export it as CSV document and receive via email
Additionally you can change document name, update the document with new lines andre-export, clone (copy) document structure from existing documents, delete document. 
Created document is in CSV format and compatible with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

How To use Top Stories

List of commands

'Alexa, open Top Stories'

'Alexa, open Top Stories and tell me about arts'

'Alexa, change topic to business'

'Alexa, switch to science'

'Alexa, my favorites'

'Alexa, give me my favorite list'

'Alexa, clean my favorite list'

'Alexa, delete my favorites'

'Alexa, save arts as my favorite'

'Alexa, add world to my favorites'

'Alexa, add travel to favorite list'

'Alexa, remove food from favorites'

'Alexa, delete insider from my favorite list'

'Alexa, next' (only works when reading news from the favorite list)

'Alexa, help'

Available news topics:

- home

- opinion,

- world',

- national,

- politics,

- upshot,

- nyregion,

- business,

- technology,

- science,

- health,

- sports,

- arts,

- books,

- movies,

- theater,

- sundayreview,

- fashion,

- tmagazine,

- food,

- travel,

- magazine

- realestate,

- automobiles,

- insider